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The Academic Mission of The Birch Wathen Lenox School is to stimulate and challenge each student's growth in a rigorous, structured college-preparatory educational program within a caring, supportive community. A compelling classroom curriculum ranges from interdisciplinary studies to students' extracurricular activities, often utilizing the New York City community as a springboard for learning. The result of BWL's nurture and rigor is a platform from which students rise to extraordinary academic heights.  The assessment and development of each student's academic progress includes classroom and standardized testing, as well as lab work, cooperative learning and presentations that challenge the pupil to apply learning in multiple ways.

The ever-present goal is to develop both a mastery of the subjects at each appropriate level, as well as to implement valuable life-long skills. By fostering traditional academics in a supportive setting reinforced by state-of-the-art facilities and small class sizes, BWL is able to reach and inspire every one of its students. Maturing into inquisitive, independent thinkers with strong foundations of knowledge and discipline to tackle challenges inside and outside the classroom, their multi-disciplinary competency carries BWL students confidently toward their daily pursuits and ambitions.

From the earliest stages of Kindergarten to the pinnacle of senior year, a steady emphasis on study skills and work ethics is maintained. Students truly respond to the wonder and stimulation of learning in such a setting. Each year, the school recognizes particularly high academic achievements and efforts at our traditional Lower, Middle and Upper School award ceremonies.

A backbone of the School's interdisciplinary approach to academics is the "Year of" program, initiated in 1993 by the Headmaster. This program highlights the common threads among subjects with respect to particular themes. Frequent trips that students take, not just around New York City but around the world, reinforce and maximize the academic principles they learn in the classroom.

The well-rounded, independent thinkers who emerge from our School to enrich the community at large are the ultimate and continuing proof of the success of BWL's intensive and invigorating academic program. 

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