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The BiWize, the BWL school store, is located in the lobby of the school. It is open on Wednesdays from 12:00 to 3:30. The store sells the BWL gym uniform and gym bag as well as a broad selection of school supplies.

School Supplies

All supplies mandated by the teachers for the academic year are delivered to the classrooms in the Lower School and to the teachers in the Middle School for direct distribution to the students. A flat fee has been added to each student’s tuition bill to cover the cost of these supplies. However, this fee does not cover the cost of additional supplies, accessories, or supplies damaged by mishandling.

Parents of students in the Upper School can order supplies by clicking on the following links:

List of Recommended Supplies for


Students in Grades 1 through 8 are required to wear the BWL gym uniform to their physical education classes beginning on the first day of school. The gym uniform is recommended for students in Kindergarten.

The gym uniform consists of a green cotton shirt with the BWL logo in white, and grey cotton or mesh shorts also with the BWL logo. A grey BWL sweatshirt and sweatpants may also be worn. Uniforms must be kept in good condition and is only available for purchase through the BiWize.

Upper School students may wear the gym uniform but are only required to wear appropriate athletic clothing.


The gym uniform may be purchased directly from the BiWize on Wednesdays.

To order the gym uniform, please download the order form and return it to the BiWize with your payment. For your convenience, the BiWize credit card authorization form below may be submitted as payment in lieu of a check.

Gym orders placed during the summer must be received by August 26th in order to be ready for pick-up on the first day of school.


Please note that the school uniform is purchased only through the Mills Uniform Company. For a full description of the school uniform click on the "Parents" link. The BiWize does not carry the school uniform.


Students may continue to use existing deposit accounts to purchase the gym uniform, and supplemental supplies. While all teacher-mandated supplies will be furnished directly to the students by their teachers, additional supplies, like pens, locker shelves, extra folders and binders, are still available for purchase at the BiWize. The BiWize Credit Card Authorization form can be used to create or augment existing deposit accounts or to pay for gym uniforms. You can download The BiWize Credit Card Authorization Form Here.   For any inquiries please email the BiWize at

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