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Beinner Library and Information Services Center    

Supporting the Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM) initiative is one of the goals of the Beinner Library and Information Services Center.  This center serves the community by providing technology and technical assistance to the community.  It is an open space for the community to hold classes, conduct research and study.
 Technology Resources:  The Basics

GMail and Google Docs 
BWL is a school that supports Google Applications.  Each student grades 3-12 has a Google Apps for Education Account where they can store their work.  Faculty and Administration also use Google Apps to communicate and collaborate.  Click here to learn about your Google account.

PowerSchool (Haiku) LMS
PowerSchool is our Learning Management System which is connected to Google Apps for Education.  Students will be able to check for their assignments, projects while keeping in contact with their teachers through the web and on their mobile devices.  

Eboard is our current learning management system where teachers post assignments for students.  You can access the eboard directory here.  Eventually our aim is to move away from eboard to Haiku which will be a much more personal experience.  Faculty, for help on using the eboard follow this link.

Students and faculty will have wireless access throughout the building.  Once logged on they will be able to access network resources such as printers, scanners and the internet. Contact IT for the SSID wifi passwords. These passwords will change periodically.

Faculty and students will have access to community printers throughout the school.

 Home Directories
Your network home directory is the place where you can store your files in the school.  Essentially, it is the school's cloud and only accessable within the school's network. Follow this link on connecting to your "Home Directory" aka Server.

Hello BWL meet Chromebook!  We've added a new fleet of Chromebooks to our digital ecosystem.
For teachers and faculty.  Our voicemail system is now Siemens/Unify.  We are using a unified messaging platform which routes your voicmails to email.  For assistance with this follow this link.

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