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Unify - Voice messaging system    Read More
Consolidating your engrade accounts    Read More
Checkout Form    Read More
Mirroring    Read More
Parent Mailing Lists    Read More
Printer Maintenance    Read More
New to the Community?    Read More
Your Google account.    Read More

Both the student body and faculty get email accounts to communicate and collaborate.

Keyboarding    Read More

Keyboarding is an essential skill of the digital age.  At BWL use two web based software packages to teach and reinforce good keyboarding skills. While keyboarding is about being quick and accurate, it is also about good posture and habits that translate to good health for a lifetime.  Contact the your child's computer teacher if you have questions about keyboarding and the computer curriculum.


Have a flash drive on hand!  Many of our copiers and multifunction printers can scan directly to a flash drive.

Connecting to your Home Directory aka Server.    Read More

This article shows you how to connect to your home directory.

Changing your wireless and server password.    Read More

This article describes how to change your wireless and server password.

Setting up or "Mapping" a printer to your computer.    Read More

This article describes how to setup or map a printer to your computer.

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