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PowerSchool For Students and Parents    

This is a video for parents on how to use the Haiku Parent Portal.

PowerSchool Help    

Haiku also has some pretty good online help.  Please feel free to consult Haiku as well if you have an issue.  You can find help on the main menubar of their web page after you have logged into Haiku.

PowerSchool help topics to get teachers started    
PDF These PDF documents  and screencasts should get you started with Haiku.  You can expand the size of the screencasts by clicking on the icon furthest to the right that looks like a rectangle with two triangles in it.
 Signing into Haiku  PDF  Screencast
 Login Landing Page  PDF
 Class Landing Page  PDF  
 Working With Pages  PDF  Screencast
 Managing Classes  PDF  
 Editing the Roster  PDF  
 Posting an Assignment  PDF  Screencast
 Emailing your students from Haiku PDF 
 Activating your classes  PDF  
 Transitioning Classes to a new year PDF  

PowerSchool on Youtube
Haiku has a Youtube Learning Channel if you want to find out more about Haiku or a specific feature.  Below are some videos taken from their channel.
How to create pages in PowerSchool.

How to Organize Pages
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